Say So City Can't Love Me
Release Date 07/09/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Say So City - Can't Love Me

Danish-trio Say So City are back to show us where their genre-bending sound can take their music next. On ‘Can’t Love Me,’ they showcase to listeners their most club-like and danceable song to date, that includes a catchy topline and bassline that’ll be sure to make audiences move.  

Birk of Say So City says, “The song is about the fear of never being loved as deeply as you were or had been in the past. It’s about that un-fillable void that you struggle to live with given that lack of love or difficulty in finding it again. The question that mainly popped up when we wrote and recorded this song was:will you ever feel the same love again or do you just have to accept that you will feel like this forever?'”  

»Will you ever feel the same love again?«

Sebastian, Line and Birk of Say So City’s released their debut EP last winter, It’s On, which acted as a musical movement and endeavor in which they opened their world to a generation of listeners and youth that they hoped had a style and creative mark to them. Say So City’s rocktronic sound and indie pop edge came with a deep dive headfirst into their very own creative world that was unbeatable and unstoppable. Now, with their first larger body of work behind them, they return with madness and pleasure on their next single of their next project, which shows how much the band is able to push the limits of their own creativity. ‘Can’t Love Me‘ available for listening via CloudKid!