Yawdel Can't Escape (feat. Laurent John)
Release Date 05/08/2020
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CloudKid Presents Yawdel - Can't Escape (feat. Laurent John)

Yawdel was born billion years ago on planet “classified” in galaxy udfy-38135539 – the oldest galaxy known to humans. Sent by his superiors, Yawdel embarked on a classified mission to Earth millions of years ago. He landed on Earth – somewhere in Asia – in 2019. Fascinating all humans with extra-terrestrial character, Yawdel is now working with some of the greatest illustrators on earth. He assures us that we should not be afraid of him though. He truly believes that music with an emotional force and message is more important than making the biggest drop.

He explains: “I have a message to teach all to humans and this will take its time to be heard, so I’m not planning on going back to my galaxy anytime soon. I may wear a mask, but don’t be afraid, my intentions are pure love and energy. The way I’m approaching music right now is essentially based on my soul which is focusing on melodies and vibes. One of my fan has a great definition of my style… he calls it electronic modern gospel!”

»I have a message to teach to all humans«

His latest single ‘Can’t Escape‘ speaks about people who suffer from anxiety and inner demons. It’s also about the feeling you get when you’re in a situation that seems to have no way out. This song means a lot to me. I wrote the music and toplines a few years ago; the first notes came very naturally and act as the backbone of the chorus. UK singer Laurent John then jumped in on vocals and lyrics with his strong and emotional voice to bring that gospel touch that the track needed. It took quite a long time before I found the right direction for that song because I needed every single element to ‘belong’ to the track before going any further… every detail tells so much of the story”  I’m also trying to find the right balance between modern production and old flavours. Modern production can sometimes sound a bit too gimmicky and I want my music to be heard in 20 or 50 years without it sounding dated”  In the end, the final version of Cant Escape’ is a future pop epic with a perfect mix of organic instruments and strong beats.

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