Elle Vee Calling Me
Release Date 11/08/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Elle Vee - Calling Me

Las Vegas-based Elle Vee will have us both dancing and crying on her upcoming track with CloudKid. On ‘Calling Me,’ the artist shares a fierce and energetic track with interesting grooves, electric guitar riffs and plenty of catchy hooks to get anyone hooked.

She says of the song, “This song was inspired by a few different songs and artists; I finished it and realized how good of a melody I got out of it; it also has a very singable chorus. Essentially, the song is about a woman who knows her love will be missed from others as she move on with her life and as time goes by. You can hear this a lot in the lyrics as well.”  

»...she knows her love will be missed.«

Elle Vee is a Las Vegas-based recording artist, songwriter, and vocal producer. Her career took off in 2017, with the release of her song ‘Into Dust‘ with Paris Blohm (8.3M streams on Spotify). Since then, she’s built a discography that is well suited for the electronic music scene. She is currently recognized for her singles ‘Running To You‘ with Slander and Spag Heddy (released November 2018, 4.95M streams on Spotify), ‘Make A Promise‘ with Culture Code (released February 2019, 2.57M streams on Spotify), and ‘Take Me Home’ with KAAZE (released December 2019, 3.25M streams on Spotify). Elle Vee also offers a huge hand in the creative process of every song she touches. Her signature powerhouse vocal belting, eloquent way with words, silky falsetto, and vast variety of vocal tones have landed her various collaborations across all genres in the electronic dance music scene. With an array of collaborations including Nurko, MitiS, Nevve, Ferry Corsten, Flo-Rida, and Dbangz to name a few, there’s may be nothing left that she can’t sing or write. ‘Calling Me‘ with CloudKid is out now!