EMM Burn In Hell
Release Date 07/11/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents EMM - Burn In Hell

Los Angeles-based artist EMM first single, with CloudKid, “Burn In Hell,” is a villainous dark pop with sparse, but poignant production. The pre-chorus cleverly builds anticipation for a soaring, anthemic chorus that catches the listener off guard as it shifts into a stripped-back, 808-centered dropout chorus paired with sassy in-your-face vocals.

EMM says about the song, “Burn In Hell celebrates that karma will haunt an abuser even if that karma is simply having to live with their own wrongdoings. It’s the realisation that their perfect victim has now turned into their worst nightmare.”

»...turned into their worst nightmare.«

Los Angeles-based, dark pop artist EMM has built a reputation for creating music that showcases a woman’s unapologetic power in a world that constantly tries to diminish it. Her growing, extensive fanbase have fallen in love with her for her courageous vulnerability, paired with her fierce dedication to finding her inner strength. She has become a beacon of hope for those with trauma, those with mental health challenges, those who feel misunderstood and unloved by the world, and girls everywhere who are searching for their inner heroine.  


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