Apollo On The Run Bulletproof (ft. Boy Nash) (feat. Boy Nash)
Release Date 24/11/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Apollo On The Run - Bulletproof (ft. Boy Nash)

Apollo on the Run joins forces with UK-based rapper Boy Nash, to release Bulletproof,’ an emotional and hard-hitting track narrating the feeling of numbness that’s followed after betrayal.

He says about the song, “This track details the journey toward becoming ‘bulletproof’ or desensitized after experiencing intense emotional wounds caused by someone you once deeply cared for.”

»It's about intense emotional wounds...«

Music from the heart of the original Gotham City, Apollo On The Run is the brainchild of UK producer and songwriter Jordan Round. Inspired by early 2000’s Deftones and Slipknot songs and sounds, and fused with modern pop, trap R&B like Santino, Le Saint and Doja Cat, these artists helped shape his vision for a fresh new sonic canvas for him. Obtaining over 35 million streams on his co-writes for other artists, Apollo, real name Jordan Round, is now showing the world his own artistic vision. His track with updog, ‘Medusa,’ out now! Also on the song is UK-based rapper Boy Nash. Nash’s discography features sonic lines and hooks that amalgamate his love for poetry, but equally shine the light on his Ghanaian roots and belief in God, the core blueprint to his musicality. Since 2019, Nash’s momentum has caught the eye of BET, Jay Electronica, DJ Semtex and Wretch 32, the artist’s force has had no intentions of slowing down since.