Apollo On The Run Sickening
Release Date 29/03/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Apollo on the Run - Bulletproof EP

The run-up to Apollo on the Run’s debut EP, Bulletproof, has met its match. On the last track of the EP, ‘Sickening,’ Apollo gets real, collaborating up with UK-based artist SHIKA LORD. Paired with heavy, distorted guitars, emotions like frustration and anger easily complement the aggression of a more harrowing scene shared in both the music AND lyrics.

Jordan, aka Apollo, says, “I knowingly drew inspiration from Slipknot’s track ‘(sic).’ Thus song is more of a commentary on the sickening and guttural thought that someone online, someone you don’t even know, the array of people out there could potentially have access to you depending on what you share, becoming addicted without you even knowing in the process. It’s quite the scary feeling.”

»'s of a commentary on that sickening and guttural thought.«

Music from the heart of the original Gotham City, Apollo on the Run is the brainchild of Bristol-based producer and songwriter Jordan Round. Inspired by early 2000’s Deftones and Slipknot songs and sounds, and fused with modern pop, trap R&B like Santino, Le Saint and Doja Cat, these artists helped shape his vision for a fresh new sonic canvas for him. Garnerning over 50 million streams on his co-writes for other artists, Apollo, real name Jordan Round, is now showing the world his own artistic vision. His debut EP, out with CloudKid, entitled, Bulletproof, out now for streaming and download.