Release Date 05/12/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Khamsin - BRING ME DOWN EP

Khamsin returns for the final track of his ‘BRING ME DOWN’ EP with impact single of the same name. An electronic, experimental, melancholic, powerful, and energetic track about acceptance.

Khamsin says, “The song is essentially about the fact that you’re addicted to a toxic relationship. And that you’re at the point of accepting that fact and thus, allowing yourself to succumb to that decision’s fate.”

»You succumb to that fate...«

Khamsin bridges the ether to the club, intertwining atmospheric and industrial sounds, inviting listeners to move with excitement and also ponder with wonder. Drawing inspiration from relatable life experiences and from the likes of artistic muses such as The Strokes, Justice and Daft Punk, Thomas Di pane aka Khamsin has struck the balance between energy and beauty, all while crafting his own unique brand at the crossroads of electronic and rock music that truly stands in a lane of its own. His BRING ME DOWN EP out now!