Paper Idol Bright Side Baby
Release Date 19/08/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Paper Idol - Bright Side Baby

Bouncy, dancey, and a whole ‘lotta fun, ‘Bright Side Baby’ is the summer anthem listeners didn’t know they needed just yet. Full of intensity, passion and grooves, this next track of the artist’s upcoming ‘The Playground‘ project is all about growing into young adulthood.

Paper Idol says of this next track, Bright Side Baby is about feeling down and looking for another person to fill a void for you and cheer you up. It’s actually funny because most people I ask, hear the lyrics as “looking for my bright side, baby” with a comma, which is a great twist, because I didn’t write or intend it that way as you notice from the title of the song. It’s like the Disney-movie tagline, “what he was looking for was inside him” kind of thing. Each song on this album represents a different phase of childhood and Bright Side Baby is about my late-teens/early twenties, when it felt like there were hundreds paths I could take, so many versions of myself to choose from and ascribe to. There was endless opportunity and endless confusion, and it was hard; it got dark at times, and back then I was still looking for my bright side. I think I’ve found it now and I’m just working on showing it as much as possible!”  

»it felt like there were hundreds paths I could take, so many versions of myself to choose from and ascribe to.«

Paper Idol – real name Matan KG – describes his music as “delusional pop.” True, his songs weave between dance music and alternative into “something unique and utterly disarming” (Beats per Minute), with storytelling that blurs the line between reality and fantasy, optimism and delusion. After graduating from university with a Neuroscience degree, Matan left his medical-school ambitions behind to pursue music in LA. In just under three years, he has released a long string of singles and two EPs, which have amassed over 35 million streams across platforms and secured coveted placements on Spotify Editorial playlists such as Indie PopAlternative Beats, OFF POP, and metropolis.  Paper Idol has also been lauded by BBC Radio 1, Billboard,, Under the Radar, and Dancing Astronaut. The music has been featured in placements such as CW’s Nancy Drew,  NBC’s The Equalizer, and Disney’s SPIN. His upcoming EP, ‘The Playground chronicles eight phases of childhood in eight tracks. His refreshing next single of the series “Bright Side Baby” marks the third chapter of the upcoming Playground project, as the artist continues to rally a generation bombarded by reality and desperate for an escape.