updog break the norm
Release Date 07/05/2021
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CloudKid Presents updog - break the norm

updog kicks off a new sonic and thematic chapter with the release of his brand new single ‘break the norm’. As the title suggests, the danish-based songwriter isn’t interested in conforming to any expectations or genres, but instead, taking his writing to the most creative and personal space – wherever that may be.  On this occasion, the track gives a glimpse into a more alt-pop, upbeat and experimental approach. Channeling a new-found persona – his singing style, instrument choice and melodies seem completely reinvented and breathe a new life into the project. One that will catch you out at first, yet lure you back in anticipation for what’s to come. 

Explaining the thought-process behind the new approach, he says: “Break the norm is about the feeling of being stuck in a place where you feel trapped into having to act a certain way to fall within someone’s standards. ‘Break the norm’ was the first song written on this EP. I felt like it had to start off from where ‘bouncy boy’ left off. Throughout all of bouncy I kept discussing the feeling of being stuck and having something inside of me I needed to let out. By the end of the EP, ‘perfect end’ said goodbye to those feelings and made way for a new journey. I pick up from there and finally break loose from those chains. As the song progresses my voice just gets weirder and weirder, because I get more and more comfortable with showing my true self”

»As the song progresses my voice just gets weirder, as I get more comfortable with showing my true self«

As an artist that has been releasing countless singles and 2 meticulous EP’s in the space of two years – thereby building a solid sound and fanbase – going for the reinvention route is a brave road to take. However updog has never been about a genre, nor popularity. The recurring theme since the inception of the project has always been honesty… and this is as honest as it’s ever been. This is as updog as it’s ever been. Get silly with updog and check out ‘break the norm’ on Cloudkid now.

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