updog bouncy boy EP
Release Date 22/01/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents updog - bouncy boy EP

updog scores an unmissable slam dunk with the release of his most progressive and showstopping piece of work yet – the bouncy boy EP. Proudly marching to the beat of his own drum since the inception of his big-lipped character back in 2019, the arrival of 2nd EP plays testament to the creative journey of an artist that is certainly not shy of inspiration and development. Indeed, continuation from his previous EP’s – balloon boy – storyline, bouncy boy narrates a story of adulthood after growing up and the phases of learning and acceptance that comes with it. From topics of greed & money on ‘clown’ to the realisation of privileges in ‘2 choices’, the Danish-based songwriter has matched his honest storytelling with some real catchy and bouncy beats. In his own word, updog tell us:

“bouncy boy is intended as the continuation of the story-line created in my last EP ‘balloon boy’. That was very focused on insecurities and the fear of growing up; ‘bouncy boy’, is the phase where you have become an adult and the identity crisis you feel while navigating through it. It touches on a lot of core important subjects like greed, money, priorities, choices, status, privilege, to name a few. It was my way of challenging my core beliefs and seeing who I really wanted to be. I noticed I have a lot of growing to do as a person, ultimately ending this chapter with the realization that I need to follow my heart and be okay with my own choices. I live for myself, and not for anyone else”

»it's the phase where you've become an adult and the identity crisis you feel while navigating through it«

Being a fan and follower of an artist like updog is always an exciting journey. With his world expanding on every release – whether it’s through soundtracking a meme animation competition; hosting a clown basketball game; or bringing his characters to life on his signature self-sketched music videos – the updog planet is certainly one you want to explore. Already orbited and continuously supported by Spotify Editorial, leading YouTube music curators (MrSuicideSheep, xKito, Nightblue), as well as features on Magnetic Mag, and CULTR – it’s fair to say that the music continues to keep us absorbed in his enchanting artistic journey. Go get bouncy to bouncy boy on Cloudkid now.

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