Confetti Boring
Release Date 09/07/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Confetti - Boring

The whole world is in need of some serious entertainment and good energy right now, and who better to answer to the call than the raucous Pop-Rock elephant duo Confetti  and their trusty circus. Coming in hot with their first single to their upcoming EP, ‘Boringsees Confetti providing the antidote to that dreaded feeling. In their usual ‘gangster with sprinkles’ style, the track busts out quick-fired verses with witty social digs and pop culture references, always followed by an anthemic chorus the kids to grandparents will be feeling the need to sing along to. They explain:

We make music because it’s 100% genuinely a representation of how we feel at that very moment, never aren’t afraid to censor our feelings and ready to hit you with realness. So this song is about how we felt during quarantine… BORED. Also, boredom predates quarantine back to the early days of living in a society where only people with loads of money can have fun. Perhaps that’s why our imaginations are so… ferked?”

»Perhaps that's why our imaginations are so... ferked?«

Following on from their debut EP Elephant In The Room in 2020, and debut Album The Circus: Act 1 in 2021, the forthcoming Guilty Pleasures EP steps is set to step up yet another level for us. Proving their talent so far with previous recognition across multiple platforms – including Spotify Editorial Pop Rock Shot, Pop Rock, Bops, NMF and features from Earmilk, Atwood, This Song Is Sick, among others – this new episode is probably the one where Confetti takes over the world. Check out ‘Boring’ on Cloudkid now.