Release Date 20/07/2022
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CloudKid Presents Diana Goldberg - BLOSSOM IN THE DARK EP

The wait for the debut of one of Germany’s most promising rising artists’ — Diana Goldberg — is now available for every listeners’ ears: her first EP, ‘BLOSSOM IN THE DARK.’ Accompanying her first larger body of work is focus single of the same name. As a single, ‘BLOSSOM IN THE DARK’  is sonically minimalistic and soothing, aiming to provide a safe space for listeners. “It’s the ultimate acceptance of one own’s dark sides which is why it’s the last song, as well as the title of the EP as well,” Goldberg says. The artist also remarks that the track is quite experimental, using distorted samples from Camille Saint-Saëns’ Aquarium. Throughout the entirety of the EP, it becomes clear that this as a final track unites all the darker songs on the record, using bits of other songs, and of her own, to tie the larger story together.

She continues, “This one focus on the last stage of grief — acceptance and that leading you to blossom even in this darkness. The song takes place in a haunted house, which, metaphorically, is my mind. One of the main questions on the record is me asking if it’s okay to not be okay while also tackling society’s critical view on mental health.  I describe mental health and my mind here as a haunted house that makes me feel uneasy and at the same time makes me want to go into the dark and explore those hard parts just as equally. The message is clear: despite all the downsides and fragility of emotions, it’s important to show strength and confidence — an empowering message toward self-acceptance and self-love to round out the EP.” 

»I describe it as a haunted house that makes me feel uneasy and at the same time makes me want to explore the dark...«

On this record, Goldberg works her way into the depths of her psyche, internal emotions and external fears, taking listeners with her on that journey. Following the motto “if you openly face your fears, they lose the power over you,” the artist deals with the end of a toxic relationship and its aftermath speaking openly about inner conflicts, psychological suffering and unhealthy behaviours that can occur as a result. A dark emotionality pervades the entirety of the EP; a roller coaster ride of emotions, as it she were going through the grieving process: starting with the denial of the relationship’s end to feeling a loss of control, moments of guilt and self-doubt, resignation and finally self-acceptance and love. Diana Goldberg’s debut EP now available in its entirety, on CloudKid!