BB Cooper Blame
Release Date 19/05/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents BB Cooper - Blame

BB Cooper debuts into the scene with a distinctive guitar driven alt pop-rock sound. Though previously known by the media as the plane-heist mastermind ‘DB Cooper’, the artist now turns to music to undo some of his past misgivings. Still… expect some soaring guitars, turbulent bass and unexpected drops. On the backstory of blame, he explains:

“Blame is one of the more exaggerated stories in my songwriting, and I would say that I am a primary source for some of the lyrics. The main title hook focuses around the idea as to whether society is to blame for people not achieving their full potential or if it’s down to the individual – and I pose that question to myself. At the same time, I like to use humour where possible and keep a fun side to life”

»Blame is one of the more exaggerated stories in my songwriting«

BB Cooper is a criminal/musical mastermind hailing from an undisclosed location. The papers have had several attempts at guessing BB’s true identity (including referring to him as DB ha-ha). Many of Cooper’s lyrics are often personal in nature and reflect the turbulent journey he has traveled thus far.  So if you’re ready, grab a chute and strap in for the ride.