Confetti Balloons
Release Date 07/07/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Confetti - Balloons EP

Exciting, energetic, and the definition of a feel-good track, Confetti bring listeners together just in time for the release of the focus track — and EP release of the same name — ‘Balloons,’ a track about not thinking too hard, enjoying oneself and letting music lift one up, kind of like a balloon.

Confetti say, “This song checks all the boxes for us. We like to get a little “heady” with our music, but this song was the one that kind of just got out of our head and instead went up in the air (like a balloon). We find that it’s the simple, uncomplicated, and natural things of the world that make life so enjoyable and tolerable, and this song reflects that. We also just felt like dancing, so we made a song to help assist in that, too. We’re stoked to have this track out alongside the rest of the tracks on the EP and end this cycle on a high!”

»We also just felt like dancing, so we made a song to help assist.«

Conrad and Fetti Confetti’s days as misunderstood circus elephants has come to an end. Since 2018, the duo has shone on, making light out of the darkness of the world through their music, sound, antics and within the confines of their musical circus. They’ve also been able to bring together an organic, thriving and supportive community of like-minded misfits into their world. At the end of 2021, through their Guilty Pleasure Chest Storybook, they developed new, thick skin (that they call ‘Kapufaloofa’ skin). This year, they have continued their journey as musical brothers, having brought their universe into uncharted territories and hoping to explore new ones, too. New music, new characters, live shows, and a bunch of surprises in between, here is Confetti’s circus with the next song of their third EP, ‘Balloons– along with the entire EP — all out now and available on CloudKid!