Release Date 10/11/2021
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CloudKid Presents Frizzy The Streetz & Dooqu - Bad Views

Producer and singer, Frizzy The Streetz returns with another collaborative track, this time with Danish wunderkind producer, Dooqu, entitled ‘Bad Views.’ As with previous Frizzy releases, there is a clear solemn and melancholic aura to it, with lyrics of self-awareness and reflection seeping throughout. The alt-pop-ish infused electronic song has hints of sounds emulating that of artists UPSAHL, Sub Urban and Mickey Valen, all while retaining a grim, ‘ending of a dystopian film’ feeling that Frizzy has made a signature to his work.  

Frizzy says, “It’s about a bad relationship I was in. I went into it with certain expectations and ended up experiencing the total opposite of what I was expecting. It was like the person was playing a game of chess that I didn’t sign up for. I lost that game in the end and they definitely got their checkmate. People say love is blind and I can attest to that because I was ignoring all the red flags just because I really wanted things to work out. But sometimes it’s better to let go because not all things are worth the trouble that can come with it.” 

»It's me airing out my disappointment in a situation while accepting the results of it.«

Lamar Black, better known as Frizzy the Streetz, is a Jamaican-born musical artist and record producer. As a producer, he always felt the need to step into other genres to mix things up, but at the same time, try to keep a calm vibe to his musical works. As an artist, he always hoped to keep it creative and experiment with different flows, topics and genres that would naturally allow each of his songs to stand out as unique. He says the best way to describe his music would not necessarily be with a genre, but with a vibe. Alongside Frizzy is Dooqu, the project by young Danish producer Birk Bønløkke. Acting as his “test project,” the exclusion of rules as Dooqu means spearheading a project where all sounds are welcome and refreshing to be in. Ultimately, this has lead him to release of an impressive array of songs unlike anything else – always giving listeners a unique experience with every beat and bump made. 

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