ELIA EX Bad Romance
Release Date 21/06/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents ELIA EX - Bad Romance

Haunting, epic and fiercely cinematic, Nashville-based ELIA EX shares her rendition of one of Lady Gaga’s most famous tracks to date, ‘Bad Romance,‘ hoping to make the singer proud.

She says, “This is one of my favorite songs ever, and Lady Gaga is a huge influence on my music. I’ve probably heard it thousands of times and I had a true vision of what a haunting cinematic version of it could be, so I worked on it on & off for several months. The perfectionist in me still doesn’t think it’s 100% done, but overall I’m happy with where it landed, especially since I produced it myself.”

»I had a vision of a haunting, cinematic version...«

ELIA EX is an alternative singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville. She says that she is driven by danger, but rides with heartbreak in the passenger seat. If you allow her take to take wheel, you might end up somewhere you’ve never been before. Her music will draw any listener in with cinematic beats over guitar and synth grooves. Sometimes described as “cinematic soul” ELIA’s music can be heard and described as dark, while also inspired by her being a vivid dreamer. Her music has been featured by XBox, Urban Decay Cosmetics, Showtime, Netflix, STARZ, HULU, CW, AppleTV+, MTV, Freeform, E! and more. Her next release ‘Bad Romance,‘ out now!

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