Peyton Shay Badder Than The Bad Boys
Release Date 28/06/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Peyton Shay - Badder Than The Bad Boys

Peyton Shay is badder than the bad boys, on her re-released single of the same name via CloudKid. The track is both powerful and anthemic, with verses being stripped to a pumping bass melody with kick drums. The sound design on ‘Badder Than The Bad Boys’ was also used and done literally as a means to describe the lyrics, such as using a clock’s tick before going into the chorus. Simple but effective electric guitars and drums are also featured throughout the song, with production and vocals made to complement, not compete against, each other.  

Peyton says of the song, “I wrote this song following a strange dream, that subconsciously was my reality. The idea took place starting in high school. I grew up in a very proper and standardized town where everyone followed certain paths and expectations, even the ‘bad boys’ followed a norm, and I couldn’t stand it. Instead, I wanted to be on top of the world and genuinely live life for myself. This song is about me speaking and thinking how I want, not how everyone else expects me to do. I hope this song gives power to the listener and helps them discover their true self.”  

»I hope this song gives listeners power...«

Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Peyton Shay emerges as a compelling 20-year-old artist, captivating audiences with her unique blend of edgy storytelling and heartfelt melodies. Her artistic journey began in an unexpected manner as she transitioned from the innocent girl cast in horror shows to becoming a profound songwriter. It was in this unexpected turn of events that she discovered her passion for music and learned one of the most significant lessons of her life: self-acceptance. In 2023, Peyton’s dormant vitiligo suddenly resurfaced, leaving her with a striking white eyebrow. Rather than viewing it as a setback, she saw it as a remarkable and cool aspect of her individuality—a testament to her unwavering self-assurance. Growing up in a small, secluded town just outside the bustling city, she found solace in the realm of music and storytelling. To this day, she has become one of the youngest women to chart on U.S. Billboards, alongside an international tour and several EPs, with more on the way. Peyton Shay emerges as an artist who fearlessly embraces her unique journey. Her music resonates with authenticity and strikes a chord deep within her audience, her story testament to the transformative power of self-acceptance and tireless perseverance. Her single ‘Badder Than The Bad Boys,‘ re-released via CloudKid!