Stileto Bad Bitch (feat. Sage Charmaine)
Release Date 30/11/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Stileto - Bad Bitch (ft. Sage Charmaine)

Stileto is back with another collaborative track featuring the bold and fierce LA-based Sage Charmaine. ‘Bad Bitch’ is a hard-hitting, pop banger with a clever narrative twist.

They say of the song, “The song is about a woman who attracts attention for all the wrong reasons. She is often labeled a “bad bitch” – sexy and untouchable – but the lyrics reveal a stark truth. Behind this facade lies complexity, painting her as someone with intense emotions and a hint of danger.”

»sexy and untouchable...«

Stileto consists of Robert Bressler and Francis Le Vesta, based out of Los Angeles, California. The combined talent and years of songwriting by both members has culminated nicely into what Stileto has to offer today. Bringing in sounds from all genres and influences from many eras is what today’s music scene is all about, and Stileto have certainly perfected this recipe.

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