LEOWOLF Bad Behaviour
Release Date 22/09/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents LEOWOLF - Bad Behaviour

Locked in by lockdown when he wrote this track, LEOWOLF’s ‘Bad Behaviour‘ is a fiery anthem fuelled by forbidden desire — which plays out in the sonics of the song just the same. The track boasts a fierce rock beat — and spirit — with a swelling orchestration, creating a cinematic moment of rebellion. This fusion of rock grit and a touch of symphonic flourish crafts a sonic experience that is both raw and resolute, embodying a defiant spirit and boundless passion.

LEOWOLF says about the song, “This track pleads for stolen moments, defying authority for a taste of reckless love. In a world that often dulls the fervor of love as time passes, this track catapults us back into the exhilarating realm of raw passion. It’s a potent reminder that even amidst life’s constraints, we can unearth that electric feeling once again. This project challenges societal norms, creating both an evocative and liberating experience, through every beat, every note, inviting us to embrace our most primal desires.”  

»It catapults us back into the exhilarating realm of raw passion.«

Growing up in a family that prized both rigor and recklessness, LEOWOLF embodies a unique blend of self-deprecation and seriousness. At the heart of his musical vision lies a desire to reveal this duality, a willingness to laugh at himself while also striving for artistic excellence. He sees himself as a “false rock star” who revels in both mystery and display, show-casing his contradictions. Between wanting to be taken seriously as an artist to also being intensively aware of his tendency to point out the absurdity of such a desire, LEOWOLF is driven to create music that speaks to the heart of the human experience, constantly torn between the artistic and the rational. He draws on his own life experiences to craft lyrics that explore themes of love, disillusionment, and eternal optimism tinged with melancholy and feminine figure; his music is both a source of joy and a burden, an all-consuming passion that both liberates and imprisons him. ‘Bad Behaviour‘ out via CloudKid!