Two Neighbors Back Then
Release Date 26/06/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Two Neighbors - Back Then

Your two favorite neighbors are back on the block with their latest hard-pop single ‘Back Then’. Exploring themes of fallible modern day romances, the duo combine their sharp-witted lyrics and infectious groove once again to create a track that will undoubtedly get your body moving and head bouncing. A merge of pop and rock, with a perfect blend of electronic production has never felt so right before.

Talking about the inspiration behind the song, they explain: “This song is about the disappointment I feel with modern romance. Gestures like carving a heart in a tree or sending love letters are replaced by hookups with strangers, online dating, friends with benefits and an overall lack of chivalry and tradition. The verses discuss how people don’t fantasize anymore about slow dancing, kissing in the rain or marriage. While The chorus suggests that underneath our cynical mental shields we still have this timeless feeling inside that love can happen like it happened back then, full of youthful innocence and energy and wonder

»sending love letters are replaced by hookups with strangers«

Finding the fine line between making music that makes you want to jump around, cry and feel sexy – all while still being able to appreciate the deeper meaning behind the lyrical content – is exactly what Two Neighbors are about. ‘Back Then’ achieves this perfectly. With just one witty line such as “you’re not gonna throw a stone at my window because this is a new world and we know better” we already get to appreciate the elegant way in which Two Neighbors get their whole artistic message across.  As they say… Love thy neighbor (or two of them) and check out ‘Back Then’ now.