Release Date 07/04/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents DROELOE - Aurora

In the last year, DROELOE released three tracks that were the “pillars” of what got him through the pandemic and all of the difficult, uncertain transitions that were a part of it. His latest track, under CloudKid, ‘Aurora,’ is a sonic representation of which represents the first, fresh morning breeze one feels on their skin after realizing that certain hardships are now behind them. That — as he would say — “it’s time to take in a new, fresh breath of air and see what awaits.”

DROELOE continues, “I have this feeling that I hope the song emulates and it’s accompanied by a very clear visual of when I’m on tour, when the bus is leaving in the morning, at first day-break. That’s a nice metaphor to describe it for me. The way I see these songs [from ‘PILLARS ///’ into ‘Aurora’] is that the last chapter was all about self-analysis and self-reflection whereas, this one is about self-actualization and just going for it. That fresh start, fresh feeling; it can be different for everyone in terms of what it is or how it is represented, but that feeling, I think, is the mostly the same and what I want to personify on ‘Aurora.’

»This chapter is about self-actualization and just going for it.«

Life’s ebb and flow is something we can all relate to, but it’s how we channel and react to it that sets us apart. Producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Vincent Rooijers, aka DROELOE, shares his perspectives through an intricate kaleidoscope woven from the blistering combination of forward-thinking sounds and stunning visual art. It’s this stunning blend of introspective reflection meets real life memories and moments where the most interesting stories are created. The story of life with no boundaries between chaos and order. ‘Aurora‘ out now on CloudKid!