Release Date 17/07/2020
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CloudKid Presents Layto - ALPHA

The hiphop & rock pop fusionist – Layto – roars into the scene once again with his latest gritty single ‘ALPHAIf there is one word that comes to mind when hearing ALPHA, it’s empowerment. The anthem-like track is charged up with Layto’s unmistakable melodic hooks, raw vocal delivery and driving beats. It’s big, it’s intense and it’s impossible not to get absorbed into this honest storytelling. He explains:

“I wrote this as a bit of a vengeance track. It’s about a relationship I had early in my career, with someone who is a contemporary of mine. He treated me with an air of superiority and arrogance, and I had to live with him for a little while. It was just a weird fucking vibe and I feel like I see through the phoniness/politics. So, I wrote this about a guy being sent back to earth to let this dude know. I feel like this is how I respond to that time period, it’s my rebuttal to him in a sense”

»I wrote this as a bit of a vengeance track«

As an artist with the vision of writing honest music – not to make people feel good, but to make them feel human – ALPHA clearly hits this right down to the bone; igniting all senses within us and almost instinctively making us resonate with the track. In his own unique way, Layto is channeling a perfect blend of Post Malone and Imagine Dragons, constantly creating an irresistible sound, with ALPHA being no exception. Listen on Cloudkid now.

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