Release Date 22/03/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kaila Hoy - ALL ABOUT YOU

CloudKid welcomes newcomer Kaila Hoy to the label as she releases a brand new track, ‘ALL ABOUT YOU,’ a sassy, upbeat, and feel-good song with enough rhythm, emotion, and beat to make anyone’s body move. Not only that, but the song has a lot of heart and power to it — evident in its lyrics and a melody that itches a special part of the mind — making it an unique, intense musical experience for any listener.  

Kaila says of the song, “The song is based on a relationship dynamic that happens far too often. It starts with the main character realizing that they need to leave a relationship because their significant other is a narcissist and gaslights them. The main character is brought to extremes during this dynamic. When everything is good, it’s great. But when the bad parts of the relationship start up again, it’s hell. It’s a rollercoaster of good and bad emotions, that it becomes exhausting. The chorus holds quite a sarcastic “screw you” energy to it because the main character eventually starts throwing it back in their face.” 

»It's a rollercoaster of good and bad...«

Kaila Hoy began creating music and singing from the minute she could write. She progressed into live performances and paid gigs the young age of 9. Since then, she’s ventured her way deeper into the music industry and took her years of live performances into the studio. By age 12, she recorded one of her songs in the studio and worked with Michael Jay Margules (songwriter-producer with over 50 million records sold worldwide) and Cliff Downs (songwriter-producer signed with Atlantic Records, with records on major TV/film productions). Kaila has since continued to perform locally, perfecting her craft as a songwriter and vocalist. Her drive and passion for music has kept her writing song after song, with her fiery passion for the craft fuelling her ambition for creation and collaboration. ‘ALL ABOUT YOU,’ out now!