Kaphy, DEIIN Alive
Release Date 21/09/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kaphy & DEIIN - Alive

Kaphy & DEIIN are back with another collab, as they release their latest single. ‘Alive‘ via CloudKid. Staying true to their nature, the single is bass-driven with a mix of rock and mid-tempo sounds. The track is all about facing one’s fears and finally feeling alive.    

Kaphy says, “We were inspired by the likes of Grabbitz, Rezz & Mako. ‘Alive is about the need to be free and release oneself from whatever is holding us back. We are alive and there is so much more to life than the dark places we find ourselves in, so even when things are hard, it’s worth fighting for the life we want to live.”

»Alive is about the need to be free.«

Kaphy, born and raised in Mexico, is a music producer with large ambitions and an outlook on his future with music. He started producing at the age of 13, via an old laptop and cheap headphones, constantly working towards learning more, experimenting with many elements and genres within electronic music, trying to find the right sound he would soon go on to produce and make his staple style. Two years later, he would go on to learn music theory and to play the piano. He’s since had the urge to become a multi-instrumentalist and a catalyst force in his one-man rock band. Since this desire, he’s been releasing with CloudKid in collaboration with veterans of the label and new signees, including DEIIN, a new project by Bryan Dean, a producer, DJ & singer-songwriter from the US & Mexico. Prior to this release, he was solely making remixes for years with his real name, but ultimately decided to created DEIIN to start fresh on making original music. Together, they release their next song together, ‘Alive‘ out on CloudKid!

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