updog 3000
Release Date 08/07/2020
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CloudKid Presents updog - 3000

The relentless vision and creativity from the rocktronic artist updog continues full force with his latest single ‘3000’. Coming right off the bat from his highly impactful ‘balloon boy’ EP, ‘3000’ gives us an intriguing glimpse, both sonically and figuratively, of what’s to come next. Initially inspired by the hit single ‘Busted – Year 3000’, the idea for ‘3000’ had been brewing in updog’s demo folder since the inception of the project itself. However the track has never breathed more purpose than in today’s climate. In times of uncertainty and change, music is often the perfect means of escapism; lining our minds with our favorite sounds and pushing out the white noise of everyday worries. ‘3000’ doesn’t necessarily stand against the power of music to do so, but it does so while simultaneously empowering and filling us with determination to get out there, better ourselves and those around us. 

“I always loved the concept of imagining what the world would look like in a thousand years from now. I think it’s easy to fantasise how awesome things can be in that time. But after thinking about humanity as a whole, the truth is, things don’t change a whole bunch. But I know there’s hope. Although we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, the only way for things to sink in for people is to look at what we will become if nothing changes.  We all want to make changes, and be vocal about things that we care about, but once it becomes a little too inconvenient we stop and crawl back into our little cocoon. Our silence and our inability to stand up for our ideals to make a better world is what hurts us and the voiceless in our world the most”

»Our silence and our inability to stand up for our ideals is what hurts us and the voiceless in our world «

While updog’s novel blend of rock and electronic influences are what captured our ears in the first place, it’s undoubtedly the honesty and meaning behind each song that has made every one of them as meaningful as the last. ‘3000’ being no exception. 3000/10 would listen again.  

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