updog 2 choices
Release Date 04/12/2020
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CloudKid Presents updog - 2 choices

To click play or not to click play… those are the 2 choices that lie between you and updog’s latest rocktronic single ‘2 choices’. Posing as the final single ahead of his anticipated 3rd EP ‘bouncy boy’ (22.01.2020), the track is leading us deep down the rabbit-hole of an artist full of introspect and honesty; on this occasion, continuing to explore some more rappy and left-field undertones, making ‘2 choices’ a track with a very special and unmatched energy. He explains:

2 choices’ starts with the pressure you can feel about conforming, instead of just following your own chosen path. Feeling like your path is laid out for you before you’re even born. As the song progresses, I just start getting disgusted with myself that I am even complaining about these things. It’s the realization that I’m so privileged to even have these choices. A lot of people in the world literally have no choice to be able to pursue either path. The only path they have is oppression. If I start complaining about my first world problems again, please.. kick my a**

»If I start complaining about my first world problems again, please.. kick my a**«

Being a fan and follower of an artist like updog is always an exciting journey. Whether it’s releasing tantalising music on a consistent basis; soundtracking a meme animation competition; hosting a balloon boy face filter game; or simply delivering honest messages through his music that we all need to hear – the updog world is certainly one you want to get involved in. Continuously supported and recognised across the board by Spotify Editorial, leading YouTube music channels (MrSuicideSheep, xKito, Nightblue), as well as blogs such as Magnetic Mag and CULTR – it’s fair to say that the music still doesn’t cease to keep everyone absorbed in his artistic journey. Check out ‘2 choices’ on Cloudkid now.

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