Prioritizing Play

If we had a nickel for every time a visitor to CloudKid’s HQ mentioned the amazing amount of toys we have… well, we’d have a lot of nickels.  While we love seeing the excitement on people’s faces as they marvel at the sheer volume of gizmos and gadgets around our office, our toys are for much more than show.  Despite being an office full of “adults,” we think it is vitally important to take time out to play each and every day.  Whether it’s subtly swapping Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head’s parts or jamming together as an inner-office “Rock Band” during lunch, we prioritize play in our company culture.

While we’re all for playing to “unwind” and “stay young at heart,” we also realize the benefits of play go beyond fun cliches.  We recently came across this article on the power of play, which alludes to a plethora of research that supports the importance of incorporating play into everyday lives — even for adults.  In fact, according to the work of Dr. Stuart Brown,  “playfulness amplifies our capacity to innovate and to adapt to changing circumstances.”  We highly recommend checking out some of this research, and more importantly, to start incorporating play into your own workday.  Warning: you may start to enjoy being at work more than being at home!