Lunch Lab Season 3 Official Launch

CloudKid HQ is abuzz with excitement over today’s official launch of Lunch Lab Season 3!  As we mentioned back in December, this season was unique, as we focussed on making upgrades to the site to make the experience more personalized for kids.  From the Custom Kitchen and Build a Bot creators to the magnets, leader boards, and login system, we hope these upgrades have been improving Lunch Labbers’ experiences with the content.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new season without some new videos and games!  Along with our production partners, Hero 4 Hire Creative, we’re so excited for today’s content launch.  In addition to Season 3’s first webisode, “Hook Line and Stinker”, the new game “Sully’s Delivery Day” launched today on the site.  We’re really pumped about this game, in which players will have to help Sully navigate the body to make vital deliveries. The whole CloudKid team worked extremely hard on this game, and we really hope you all enjoy it!

Please take a minute to check out (and play!) the new content.  And don’t forget to check back over the next few weeks for more webisodes, and for the March launch of our addictively awesome game, Snacker Stacker (don’t say we didn’t warn you!).