Lunch Lab Season 2 Kicks Off

For the last month, we’ve been ramping up for Season 2 of Fizzy’s Lunch Lab.  We’ve been face down in schedules, budgets, curriculum, and the fun part – preproduction.  The second season is going to feature six new months of content and we’re really excited about the topics: Calories, Food Choices, Calcium, Sodium, Home Gardening, and Fiber.  We’re going to sprinkle in the best of Season One, so we’re continuing to feature new content every week.  In addition to the animated shorts, and recipes, we’re aiming to produce an additional 5 or 6 interactive games, that will definitely breathe some new life into the site.  We’ve finished the outlines, script first drafts, and now we’re moving onto initial character design.  Here’s a sneak peek of the “Sodium” webisode outline and the initial “Bob Lazy” character sketches:

Webisode Outline – Sodium

It’s a normal day in the Lunch Lab when the doors swing open to reveal a quick-talking salesman riding a mobile recliner chair, wearing a cowboy hat, and speaking with a thick Texan drawl.  He introduces himself as Bob Lazy and promises the opportunity of a lifetime for “Good Ol’ Professor Fizzy”.  Lights pop out of his recliner and Bob Lazy gives a laser-light   presentation of Lazy Bob’s Frozen Foods – anytime, anywhere meals for people without time to cook.  Bob Lazy claims his products are made with real veggies, but when Fizzy takes a closer look, he discovers that the meals are filled with preservatives and processed ingredients; the sodium content is off the charts.  Fizzy gives Bob Lazy the low-down on Sodium and why it’s better to cook with real ingredients.  Bob Lazy is convinced and asks if Fizzy has ever thought about selling Lunch Lab dishes to the mass market – Bob’s now looking for a new gig.