Jessica’s Joyride Launches

Jessica's Joyride Game Screen

This summer, we collaborated with the folks at Sesame Workshop on our first game for their older-audience show, The Electric Company. The show’s site, which relaunched last week, underwent a full redesign to highlight Prankster Planet, the animated/interactive spinoff of the hit live-action TV series. We were thrilled to create an advanced HTML5 game, Jessica’s Joyride, as part of this work. The game is a side-scrolling, chasing adventure that takes place across four worlds and reinforces a rhyming curriculum.

Using the existing Prankster Planet style as a jumping off point, CloudKid produced all artwork, UI design, animation and programming for this experience. As always, we loved tackling creative challenges throughout the production process, which included pushing animation and sound potential in an HTLM5 experience, creating comic-book inspired cinematics to tell the game’s story, and producing a tie-in activity where kids can make mixes with the rhyming word they’ve collected. We’re super proud of the results, and are excited for you all to finally play the game! Hope you enjoy!