It’s What We’re Into: June Edition

Last month, we brought you a couple reviews from some of the crew here at CloudKid HQ in a new post we are calling “It’s what we’re into.” Well, it’s about that time again, so check out the write-ups below to get an idea of what type of media we’re digging in the month of June!

A Youtube Channel!: The Piano Guys


We’ve gotten really into The Piano Guys, a group of rising YouTube stars who make beautiful music videos. Starring a cellist and a pianist, they put their own spin on pop favorites as well as classical pieces, often combining new and old styles in creative ways. We love how the instruments themselves are used creatively as well; many of the percussion sounds are made using cellos! But the stellar music is only half the picture: every Piano Guys piece is released with its own video. They take pianos to extraordinary locations, like the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, and create lovely imagery that combines with the music to make for a breathtaking experience. We’re hooked!

A book!: Animation Writing and Development


This book by Jean Ann Wright has been kicking around the office for quite some time, and it has a little something for everyone interested in any form of the animation development process. From seasoned vets to the the animation noob, it’s easy to gain a few nuggets of wisdom by giving this book a look-through. The book begins with a brief history of animation and some basic info on animation production and eventually dives into character development, scriptwriting, and creating a show “bible”. Full of storyboard sequences, scripts, and production stills from shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog and Samurai Jack, it’s a great read for anyone interested in tightening up their animation writing chops.

A Game!: Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a new Nintendo 3DS game that has some CloudKids seriously hooked! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the unique simulation series, it’s a bit complicated to explain–but we’ll do our best! On the surface, it’s merely a game about paying off housing loans and selling/collecting various things, which doesn’t really sound all that fun. But taking a closer look at the game reveals extremely unique real-time gameplay, endearing townsfolk who you can form relationships with, themed holidays and seasons, adorable everything, and extreme customization and exploration options. And this newest addition to the series gives the player all that and MUCH more. The more you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the more invested you become in the game and the overall experience. It’s definitely a game you have to live as well as play. We are hooked, and you may be too… don’t say we didn’t warn you! Here’s the outstanding game review from IGN that shows we aren’t the only ones!