It’s Saxy Time!

It's Saxy Time

For the last week, we’ve been hard at work on Fizzy’s Lunch Lab and a classified project, but we’ve also been working toward creating the greatest iTunes Playlist in recent memory – Saxy Time! CloudKid has been searching far and wide for the greatest sax-infused songs of all time.  According to the official CloudKid rule book, a  Saxy Time-nominated tune must meet the following criteria:

  1. Contain lyrics
  2. >10 second smokey saxophone solo
  3. Conjure up images of Richard Marx
  4. Make you feel 30% uncomfortable

Please note: We collectively decided that only one Bruce Springsteen song can make the cut – We feel that the E Street Band abused the saxophone, but should be recognized for their contribution to the genre.

If you’re a soft-rock saxaholic, please join CloudKid’s mission and and share your stash.  You no longer need to be ashamed.  We’re not.