Introducing PixiParticles

In the last few years, CloudKid has made a transition into the exciting (and admittedly sometimes frustrating) world that is HTML5 game development. While we don’t have a favorite framework, we’re big fans of Pixi.js. We’ve used this super-fast 2D renderer on Jessica’s Joyride, Gover’s Winter Games and Fizzy’s Food Truck.

One of the disadvantages of developing with this new platform is the surprising lack of tools for non-technical people. In the days of Flash publishing, if a designer wanted to move a text field 3 pixels to the right or an animator needed to add a little more breathing room for a settle, they could simply re-publish the source file. Not a problem.  Now, however, typically a programmer is needed to help integrate, implement or adjust–which requires time and patient programmers.

There aren’t a lot of visual tools available for Pixi.js (one wonderful exception is Spine) so we decided to make one! We’d like to introduce PixiParticles, our extensible, light-weight (a svelte 12KB!) particle emitter with online editor. PixiParticles is available through Bower (if you’re into that sort of thing), fork-able on Github and fully documented. We made PixiParticles with both artists and developers in mind and we hope you have fun playing with it.

We’re constantly trying to improve our tools so if you find issues with the editor or with the library, please let us know through Github. Both editor and library are MIT licensed.

Here are some live examples: rain, smoke, pixie dust, snow, flame and more.