How Promising is Digital Promise?

Last Friday, the White House and Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, announced the launch of Digital Promise, a new national center created to “advance technologies that can transform teaching and learning.”  The goal of the new center is to bring together the likes of innovators, educators, researchers and citizens so that breakthroughs in learning technologies can ideally come quicker and be more effective. Through initiatives such as creating a league of innovative schools, increasing investments and grants related to cyber-learning, and funding educational video game challenges and research studies, Digital Promise hopes to make sweeping advancements across the field of educational technology.

As strong supporters of “collaborative play,” we see a lot of potential in an initiative that aims to bring together a variety of expertise. When tackling a problem as gargantuan as maximizing education in a digital age, having all hands on deck seems like a great first step.  That being said, we also realize that a “promise” is just that.  Fulfillment of that promise will only come if the visions of collaboration, action and innovation can truly come into fruition.

We strongly encourage all of you to take an active role in this initiative by:

After all, the only way for this promise to be truly promising is if we all take it upon ourselves to jump in and play along.