Donut Thursday


Some people think Fridays are the best day of the work week. At CloudKid we say, “No way bro, Thursdays are the best.” Why? A little thing we invented called Donut Thursday. Yes, Donut Thursday is as simple and magical as it sounds—every Thursday, we have a sampling from one of Boston’s best donut bakeries such as Olihn’s, Linda’s, Union Square, and of course Dunkies. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “hey, aren’t you the guys that produce Fizzy’s Lunch Lab?”. While that is true, even Fizzy can’t stand between us and our donuts. Sorry.

Modern science has proven that there’s nothing quite as yummy, artery clogging and morale-boosting as a donut, so we have fully embraced our new tradition with open arms and mouths.

Donut Thursday is here to stay.