Job Opening

Does this sound like you? Apply Now!

At CloudKid, we're looking for exceptional talent (of course), but it's about more than that. We want people who like to have fun, like to work hard, and like to go beyond the norm. We don't just want you to be a part of our team, we want you to shape our team, transform our team, and make our team even better than we thought possible.


  • Submit online portfolios

    We don't review emailed PDFs or media files.
  • Use free online portfolio sites

    Carbonmade, Coroflot, and Behance are good ones to check out.
  • Read the job description.

    Be sure you fit the requirements of the job before submitting.
  • Put your portfolio link front and center.

    It should be the very first thing we see in your application email


  • Have a website that barely works.

    No one likes confusing navigation, broken links & “under construction” signs.
  • Show tacky design taste.

    Comic Sans, gaudy gradients, extremely saturated colors and cheesy background music make us cry.
  • Include long cover letters.

    If you put a cover letter in your email (optional), keep it very brief.
  • Attach your resume as a word doc.

    Instead, put that info on your website or send it as a PDF.