CloudKid Founder Featured in Swampscott Reporter

This week, The Swampscott Reporter featured CloudKid founder, Dave Schlafman, and chronicled his path from a Mario-loving chubby kid all the way to Fizzy’s Lunch Lab.

Professor Fizzy and his crew fight the evil Fast Food Freddie, who’s always trying to get kids to try his latest, disgusting food products and inventions, such as a contraption to hypnotize kids into eating “double-fried” potato chips.

Fast Food Freddie is one of many characters that Dave Schlafman, a native of Swampscott, co-created for a season of PBS webisodes on And with Fizzy’s help, kids can combat Fast Food Freddie. This is where the interactive part begins.  With each webisode, a new, healthy recipe is explained, one that can be printed for parents to make, and with the idea of combating childhood obesity.

Schlafman’s road in following his passion began in Swampscott, at Stanley School.

“I just always loved drawing,” he says.

Doodling characters was merely a hobby, however, and up until Schlafman completed his first year at UMass, he hadn’t even thought about a career in art.

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