Cartoon Tuesday


We’re suckers for a good tradition at CloudKid HQ: we never miss apple picking in the fall, we gather every Friday for a team lunch, and now we’ve officially added Cartoon Tuesday to our roster of rituals. As content creators, we love dreaming up new characters, worlds and ideas. A huge part of this creative process is finding inspiration from and looking critically at the works of others. Enter Cartoon Tuesday, a weekly gathering of the CloudKids to watch animated content.

We’ve watched everything from the Power Puff Girls (taking a look at the story and shot composition from an early episode of the break-out series) to Gumball (discussing the unique multi-media style of the series) to Gravity Falls (talking about the challenges of making a complicated plot accessible). So far, it’s been a great new tradition, and we’d love to hear some of your suggestions for must-watch toons!