App Store Double Feature!

It’s a big day for us at CloudKid HQ: both Negative Nimbus and Hectic Harvest had app store releases. As of today, Negative Nimbus is now available on iPhone and iPod Touch (in addition to iPad). We’ve also released a new world with 8 additional levels, along with more hats, comics and achievements. We’re so excited to bring Nimbus and the Sunnyland crew to an even larger audience with this latest release, and we hope you all get a chance to play!

Today also marks the app store debut of Hectic Harvest, a Fizzy’s Lunch Lab game that we ported and optimized for iOS devices. We’re really excited to bring one of our favorite Lunch Lab games to this new platform, and really hope everyone enjoys playing as well.¬†We can’t think of a better way to spend this rainy day than with two awesome new apps!