Always the Bridesmaid…

The Daytime Emmy’s took place on June 17th in Los Angeles. The Fizzy’s Lunch Lab team was well-represented, but we unfortunately didn’t bring home the bling – SciGirls, a PBS Kids Go! show, won in our category. While we were bummed, a good time was had by all and we received some great news after the ceremony – Fizzy’s was green-lit for Season 3. Huzzah!

Some highlights of the trip include: walks along Venice Beach, meeting Grover, hanging with the army of PBS nominees, lunch with Bob Boyle, a visit to The Hub, and last but not least, Jamba Juice.

Pictured Above: Matt Moore (Interactive Director), Dave Schlafman (Exec. Producer), Evan Sussman (Exec. Producer), Joe Pleiman (Freezer Burn)