At CloudKid, we're looking for exceptional talent (of course), but it's about more than that. We want people who like to have fun, like to work hard, and like to go beyond the norm. We don't just want you to be a part of our team, we want you to shape our team, transform our team, and make our team even better than we thought possible.

How to Tell if You're a CloudKid

If you answer “Yes” to most of these questions, you just might be who we're looking for. (If you answer “Yes” to all of them, you're hired.)

  • You are happy. Maybe even go-lucky.
  • You have BIG ideas and small inhibitions.
  • You have tremendous drawing skills.
  • You are thoughtful, analytical and CURIOUS.
  • You like trying things outside your specialty.
  • You have had at least one conversation (out loud) with a banana.
  • You are excited (not scared) by the blank page.
  • You own at least three plaid shirts.
  • You are not afraid to make mistakes, and love to learn from them.
  • You want to be part of the most innovative, exciting, artistic, creative interactive media studio in Boston.
Original web-series, OZMATNegative Nimbus, on iOS and Android