CloudKid & H4H Set Table for Fizzy’s Lunch Lab

We’re proud to announce the 2nd season launch of the Emmy-Nominated web-only nutrition series, Fizzy’s Lunch Lab. The season kicks-off today with an all new webisode featuring a nail-biting cook-off that will challenge Fizzy’s culinary clout.  Be sure to tune in every Friday for new content as Fizzy and his gang thwart the greasy agenda of Fast Food Freddy.

It’s been an amazingly fun four months of production and we’ve been lucky to work with an amazing cast, crew, and new production partner, Hero4Hire.  As always, we’re happy to have the PBS Kids team in our corner – they’ve given us a lot of creative freedom and support to make The Lunch Lab what it is today.

PBS’s children’s websites, including, receive an average of 9 million unique visitors per month and the video players deliver an average of 50 million streams per month.

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab was created by Dave Schlafman and Evan Sussman.  You can join Fizzy and the Lunch Lab gang online at